It may take some efforts for you to arrive at Alishan (阿里山), but you will not regret for the efforts made.

There are five wonders in Alishan, if you can see all these five in one trip, then it is amazing.

  • Forest railway
  • Forest full of giant trees
  • Sunrise
  • Cloud Sea
  • Sunset Glow

But no matter how many times it take you to completely experiencing and seeing all of them, all the beauty of Alishan in different time of the day, in different seasons are greatness of the nature and possibilities of human beings.

Alishan is not the name of a single mountain, but a ridge of Yushan (玉山). The name, Alishan, appeared in Taiwan choreography in 1696 for the first time. However, the origin of this name has already lost its trace in history. Alishan National Forest Recreation Area located between Chiayi (嘉義) and Nantou (南投), covers a total area of 1,400 hectares with the main recreation site locating at about 2,000 to 2,700 meters above sea level. Alishan is world famous for its five wonders, eights sights, and enriched forestry.

The amazing eight sights that you should not miss while planning your trip to Alishan:

  • Tahsan (塔山奇岩): composed by a large number of odd-shaped rocks, Tashan is one of the most impressive landscapes in Alishan
  • Xianglin Arch Bridge (香林拱橋): surrounded by greenwood and clear water, Xianglin arch bridge is full of zen ambience
  • No. 28 Giant Tree (28號巨木): as the head among the giant trees, No. 28 is a cypress tree that has already more than 2,000 years old
  • Shunyi Waterfall (神怡流瀑): the running water embraces the towering trees
  • Alishan sacred tree (阿里山神木遺跡): as a spiritual symbol in Alishan, the sacred tree was discovered in 1906 and was cut and laid in 1998 after serious damaged by a lightening strike
  • Ciyun Temple Scenery (慈雲觀景): a place for visitors to view the cloud sea, the red cloud before sunset while overlooking tribes and Tashan at the same time
  • Shuishan Giant Tree (水山巨木): standing erect for around 2,700 years, it presents amazing burls
  • Mt. Ogassawara (小笠原山): it provides a destination for visitors to appreciate the five wonders as well as stars while overlooking magnificent landscapes of Yushan and the central mountain range.

One of the best season to visit Alishan is during March when the cherry blossom season brings all colors of beauty to this well preserved natural wonderland.

Every spring the annual Alishan cherry blossom season begins and the beautiful sight should not be missed. Alishan Forest Recreation Area has a large number of Yoshino cherry trees, followed in number by Formosan cherry trees;theare also 1000 Yaebenishidare (double-blossom dropping cherry tree ) cherry trees, Alishan is simply the best place to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan.

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