Biking in Taichung City, Taiwan

Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan, and it’s history can actually traced back to the 16th century. During the past 400 years period, Taichung has passed through Qing dynasty rule and Japanese colonial era, contributing to its rich, distinctive local culture and festivals. Taichung’s natural resources and diverse ethnic make-up have generated an […]

Biking Dajia Riverside Park, Taipei

2016/01/10 what a nice day to ride bikes in Taipei after all those rainy and cloudy days during the week!  We met up with our best friends in Taipei after church in order to pick up my ordered secondhand Kindle, and of course hoping to enjoy a biking ride together in our favorite beautiful riverside […]

Kenting Happy New Year

Kenting is located in southern most part of Taiwan. It is famous for its good weather and beautiful beaches all year round. To enjoy Kenting, you need to take it slowly and relax. Biking is always the best way we prefer. And it is now easier for people carrying bikes in the bags to get […]

Biking Taiwan – Taichung Day Trip (6 Districts)

After a wonderful evening spent in Taipei, we came back to Taichung with local express train which is easier for carrying our foldable bikes along.    Since the weather was only a bit cloudy and no rain, so it might be a good idea to get off the train some stations earlier than Taichung and […]