Maple Valley Park (Maple Garden) in Taichung, Taiwan

No matter which season it is, walking in the Maple Valley Park is a visual enjoyment! Located next to Taiwan Boulevard in Taichung City, Maple Valley Park is a unique U-shaped recreational greenland for the city residents. It has an area of 3 hectares, and contains a lake, red trees, green grass, and observatory bridge. It is a great place for talking a walk, going on a date, and exercising. During the day, there is comforting greenness, and at night, it is filled with sleepless lighting. It has rapidly become one of the most famous scenic spots in Taichung.

Maple Valley Park was actually existed from a beautiful mistake, and now not only serving as a park but also functioning as a unique large detention pond for Taichung city to prevent flooding in case of heavy rainfalls.

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